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5 tips for hosting a pop up shop...

At Contemporary we want to help businesses realise the potential of physical retail.

A pop up shop is a great way to test the waters and see what it could do for your business... With one of our pop up shops there is no commitment afterwards, so you really can use our shops as a business lesson. Of course, we hope everyone loves their pop up and wants to return or even consider opening a shop permanently.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, any opening is stressful, pop ups included! So we've caught up with some of the businesses who have hosted our pop up shops to find out their top tips and we've created a list of 5 top tips.

1. Plan your set up

This might seem fairly obvious, but planning ahead will make setting up so much easier. Plan your set up and don't forget the importance of visual merchandising. The quicker you can set up, the more you can focus on your customers when the doors open!

2. Bring enough stock

There is nothing worse than seeing a shelf empty... or realising you missed out on a sale! Be optimistic about your pop up. You'll be surprised how many of our previous hosts said they had to run home to panic make some more stock during the week!

3. Promote yourself

Social media is your best friend. Seriously. Use it to your advantage and spread the word! Share some content on your page, add some hashtags and ask your friends to spread the word too. Posting in local groups goes a long way... so don't forget those either.

The more you share your pop up the bigger the potential audience... which could mean more customers!

We share all of our pop ups on our social media pages too so be sure to send us some photos across!

4. Test new products

Don't be afraid to try that new colour way you've been thinking about, or make a unique one off piece. Pop up shops are loved because they offer unique products. Plus showing your range may even lead to more custom orders if people notice the range of products you can make!


Don't underestimate yourself. People will come and people will support you. Just go for it and enjoy the experience!

Excited to trial your own space? You can find your next pop up shop on our 'Pop Up Spaces' page.


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