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A chat with Harmonize Your Soul

From pop up to permanent store! We caught up with Monet, the founder of Harmonize Your Soul to chat all things pop ups and running your own shop.

So Monet, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

Harmonize your soul started out as a hobby as I loved crystals and enjoyed making jewellery for fun. I worked in a conscious school teaching children about crystals and also helped to run wellness events in the spiritual community. I then began selling ethically sourced crystals and jewellery from home and at markets.

Moving in to the shop has allowed us to expand to also selling health products such as medicinal mushrooms, seamoss and natural skincare. We advocate for a more holistic and

natural lifestyle over certain products that are massed produced containing chemicals. We also stock ethical/reusable homeware, clothing and esoteric tools and gifts.

We also have opened the healing hub upstairs above the shop were we offer reiki, yoga, sound healing and other alternative therapies such as tarot readings and workshops.

What made you want to host a pop up?

The opportunity to host the pop up came to me and I was unsure at first if it was going to be beneficial to me or if the people of Stockport were going to be interested in what we were offering. I then decided that if I could change the mindset of just 5% of the people I came into contact with about living a more holistic lifestyle, this would have ripple effect out in to the community and help to improve peoples lives.

How was your experience within Stockport Pop Up?

The experience was pleasant, in the short amount of time we were in the pop up we managed to build a community who still shop in our store today.

What was the highlight of your time in the Stockport Pop Up that made you realise that you wanted your own shop?

The customers were the highlight of our time in the pop up, they were so friendly, receptive and inquisitive about everything we offer. It made me realise people were actually really interested in finding alternative ways to heal and live.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to host in our pop up shops or open up their own store?

Opening your own store is rewarding but its not easy, it's important that you are 100& passionate about what you offer and really refine your ethos to make you different to other brands. Great Customer service is so important in building a community of customers who return to your store and also spread the word about what you offer


You can find Harmonize Your Soul within Merseyway Shopping Centre at 79 Merseyway opposite Yours Clothing.

If you fancy hosting one of our spaces during 2024 then get in touch today! We have recently opened our calendars and would love to welcome you!


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