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Planning the perfect pop up!

Planning your pop up can be a key element to success. So, I assume you have got yourself a space reserved in our calendar for your desired pop up and you are now probably thinking, what's next?!

Well, keep reading as we have got an array of tips and advice to help with your planning.

Unit Details

Before you can do any planning, understanding the finer details of the unit is key! Our pop up locations page on our website includes all key information about our pop ups. This includes the size of the unit, photos of the space and a floor diagram.

In most of our pops up we provide basic furnishings. Usually, we list on the floor diagram what furnishings are in the unit however, if you are unsure please get in touch with a member of the team for more info! Of course, you are welcome to bring your own furniture to suit your business needs however, please note that they must fit around the existing furnishings.


Creating an inviting and engaging shop space is an element in which we think is an important asset to attract shoppers. A fabulous window display which shows off your most favorable products is a fantastic way to entice potential customers. In addition to this, also including in store promotions and products exclusive to the pop up space is another fantastic strategy.

Based on the space size and your product size try to work out how much stock you need to bring to fill the space. I think that we are all in agreement that a full shop looks more enticing and attractive, right? If you feel that you may not have enough stock to fill the space why not consider sharing with another small business! (please do make sure you let us know if you do this)

Flyers and Promotion

Promotion before and during your pop up is a great way to build brand reconition and attract locals. Never underestimate the power of social media! Whether it be Facebook, Instagram or TikTok shout about your pop up from the rooftops.

When hosting get chatting to customers and other businesses around! Whether that be chatting to the staff member making your morning coffee or speaking to a customer at the start of the week, word of mouth is a fantastic way to get your business name into the local area.

Information Packs

Each of our pop ups have an information pack which includes information about key collection, loading bays, fire safety and much more! You will usually receive this pack a week or two prior to hosting with us. However, if you would like this sooner drop Kiera ( an email who will be more than happy to provide this.

What our hosts have to say...

Don't just take it from us! Here are some handy tips from our previous hosts:

Danielle, the founder of Kiht Collective has hosted with us in a selection of our pop ups said: "I like build a small mood board of ideas that help me visualise what I want to achieve - I also write ALOT of lists!"

Joe, the founder of Daily Wares who has hosted with us in our Chester Pop Up previously commented to say: "Really focus on your basic set up, and how the store would flow for a customer. If you take a step back and realise after a day or two that you feel your pop up is missing something. Add to it!"

Denica, the founder of Acantha Crystals and regular host of our Lanes Pop Up said:" I am grateful to have experienced the pop up shop before, so thinking back to what worked previously is a must for me. Of course, visuals in the shop are important but, I try to remember that my product is the most important aspect. As long as it is clearly visible, I am happy!"


That's all for now! We hope that the tips and advice is enough to help get you started with planning your perfect pop up. Of course, if you do have any burning questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with Kiera ( or Jess ( who are more than happy to help.


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