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Pop ups. How does it work?

First of all, welcome! We are so pleased that you have found us and we hope that you choose to pop up with us. Hosting a pop up shop with Contemporary by BP is a simple and fun process. You may be wondering, how does it work?...or where to start with applying? Well, let us guide you!


Before we can get the ball rolling, pick your ideal location! We have a variety of pop up shops and details can be found on our locations page. Once chosen, you can pop in a request via our 2023 Interest Form . A member of the team will review your form and be in touch via email.


Woohoo! We reviewed your form and have reached out to you via email. During our discussions Kiera or Jess will discuss your dates, gather a little more info on your business usage and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have!

During our communication via email, this is where we will confirm dates and pencil you into our calendar. Please note that this is an initial reservation and is not confirmed until we arrange licence documentation closer to the time of your pop up!


Time for the technical stuff now...PAPERWORK! Even though it may seem dull and boring this is actually a very important element of confirming your pop up shop. Around a month before you are due to pop up up with us, Kiera will drop you an email to request details from you for your licence documentation.

Once we receive this, your licence will be drafted and sent across to you for review and a signature. The sooner this is read and signed the sooner we can process it and confirm your pop up- so please bare this in mind!


Nearly there! Now that we have your signed licence this has been passed across for processing and your pop up is confirmed. Before you join us we require payment. Payment will be requested by one of two ways depending on which location you join us in.

  • Option 1: Kiera will send across bank details via email and outline the amount payable for your time in store. Proof of payment will be requested so that this can be passed along to the accounts team.

  • Option 2: Once we pass along your licence the managing property company for the location you join us in will get in touch with you directly and send across an invoice.

The week of your pop up

The week has come... how exciting! Ahead of your week in store, you would have received an information pack. Please ensure that before you join us you familiarise yourself with this pack. It contains vital information about key collection, loading areas, fire protocols and much more.

Now all that is left to do it set up shop and have fun! If this is your first ever pop up we would recommend checking out our 'Tips for hosting a pop up' blog post.


Sounds simple, right?! Then what are you waiting for? Submit your application today to become one step closer to hosting with us!


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