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The important things to know when booking a pop up

We want to make booking into one of our pop ups, the smoothest process possible. In this blog post we are going to run through everything. Keep reading to find out the answers to our frequently asked questions...

How do I book?

Each of our pop ups has its own individual social media account on Instagram. Each pop up will have an interest form link in the account bio, please fill out this short interest form and one of the team will contact you via email to discuss making a reservation.

You can also use our website Pop Up Shops | Contemporary by Barker Proudlove ( to select your desired location and make a booking. If you follow this route for booking we will be in contact with you via email.

Do you take a deposit?

No, we currently do not take a deposit. Once we confirm your pop up week we initially put this in our calendar as a reservation. Your pop up is not confirmed until the licence is signed and payment is made. You will usually receive your licence for signing via email, 1-2 weeks before your pop up.

I want to collaborate with another small business friend, is this okay?

YES! We love seeing small businesses come together! If you are wanting to share the space please do let us know, even if it is a last minute decision, please make sure you tell us so that we are aware.

If we don’t know who is in the shop with you, we can’t promote you equally so please keep us up to date!

If I am sharing the space, do we both have to fill out a booking form?

No. Usually with collaborative bookings one person takes the responsibility on. This person should let us know if it is a collaborative booking and should make us aware of all businesses who will be in the space. If you would like to split the responsibility, Jess will be able to advise you further on how this works.

What does the price of the pop up include?

The price of the pop up covers your rent, service charge, insurance, water, electric and basic furnishings. Please note that wi-fi or VAT is not included in the price.

Can I bring my own furniture and fixtures?

Of course! We provide the basics to use within the shop, this is to make hosting as easy as it can be. However, you are welcome to bring all of your own furniture and fixtures with you to use. Please be mindful that if you do not use our furniture, you will have to fit it into the storage space within the shop.

I didn't have enough time to get everything packed away when leaving, can I leave some stuff in the pop up storage space to collect at a later date?

No. We know this might seem picky, but often we have back to back bookings. On your final day you must ensure you give yourself enough time to pack and take everything with you. We do understand that sometimes this may be tight for timings but, leaving items behind may impact the setup of the next host, so always leave the space as you would like to find it yourself!

Do you take any of my profits/takings during my time in the pop up?

No. Everything you make during your time in the pop up you keep, we do not take a cut of your profits/takings.

Can I have a viewing before I book?

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of our pop ups we are usually booked back to back therefore, we cannot do viewings. However, we have no issue with you going to take a peak for yourself!

We hope that this blog post has given you all the information you need to make a swift booking with us and what to expect… more FAQs can be found on our contact us page. If you have anything else, just email myself or Jess to discuss. We’re always happy to help.

Now, get yourself over to our website, choose your desired pop up location and then click “book now”!


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