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Why green is good in the home!

Houseplants, I'm sure everyone has got one, right? I’m also sure that many times like me you have forgotten to take care of your plants (sorry cheese plant), but did you know having plants in your home actually benefits you physically?

In today’s blog we’re going to find out how...

Studies have proven that there are psychological and physical benefits of owning house plants. Let's start off by looking at the physiological benefits. The Royal Horticultural Society ( have outlined some of the psychological benefits of houseplants: improved mood, reduced stress levels, increased attention span and increase in productivity. Looking at the physical benefits these include: reduced blood pressure and reduced fatigue.

We also can't forget the lockdowns! Plants in the home during lockdown were a great and safe way of bringing outdoors inside. With these benefits in mind houseplants not only make a pretty addition to the home but also personal benefits to your health.

We caught up with our previous Chester pop up host plant face to speak to us about some of the best houseplants for your home: “There’s so much choice available now it can be difficult to know where to start so don’t be afraid to ask for advice when purchasing plants, a good seller will be able to advise you on the best plant and how to care for it.

I don’t think you need to have expensive or rare plants to have a great collection, there are loads of affordable plants that look great, especially if you stage them correctly.

A combination of heights instantly gives more interest to a houseplant corner, try placing plants on stands and add some hanging plants. Some great examples of starter plants which are easy to care for include aglaonema, spider plant, cacti and pothos.

My top tip for anybody new to houseplants is not to over water, it’s a common mistake and plants can tolerate drought better than being too wet.”

You can shop all things plants here through plantfaces site: or join us at Chester pop up on the 30th of August to shop everything plantface has to offer for 4 weeks!


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