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A chat with Luna Amatores and an insight into the world of Crystals!

This week we caught up with Luna Amatores to give us an insight into the world of crystals

and her business. Korin, the founder of Luna Amatores is a regular host of our Lanes Pop Up Shop. In store this week shoppers of The Lanes Shopping Centre can expect to find a range of products from crystals to jewellery to homeware alongside a range of Aromatherapy products from Ethereal Scents - there is a real mix of goodies!

Want to learn more about the wonderful world of crystals? Then keep reading!!!

Hi Korin, Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Let's kick everything off by letting you explain your business! Tell us a bit about your products and business.

"Hey! Luna Amatores is a crystal, handcrafted jewellery and homeware business. I import crystals from lots of different countries, South Africa and Brazil are where most of my pieces

come from at the moment. My main Brazilian supplier is a small, family run business and my South African supplier runs community projects in villages to help bring well paid work (and new skills!) to struggling communities. Good working conditions, ethical sourcing and quality is really important to me.

Additionally, I also stock other small businesses, including skincare, art and food businesses among others (mostly UK and USA based). Luna Amatores is primarily online but I do have a shop people can visit in Carlisle’s City Centre by appointment if they prefer to browse in person!"

So, for some people who may be new to the world of Crystals could you briefly explain what they are and their benefits?

"Crystals have been around for billions of years! They are used by lots of different cultures for lots of different things. Some people use them for scientific purposes, some for spiritual purposes, others use them for physical healing and some use them in witchcraft or religious practices. My personal belief and practice is a bit of a mixture of everything!"

What gives each Crystal it's different characteristics (if it is that easy to explain?!)?

"This is such an exciting question for me because it will have a different answer depending

on who you ask! For the scientific and physical healing side of it, it’s the chemical and molecular composition that gives a crystal it’s characteristics. For example, lepidolite is said to be a emotionally balancing, stress relieving crystal and it contains lithium which is commonly used in mood stabilising medication. It’s a beautiful purple crystal and purple is often used in colour healing for its calming properties, so there’s definitely a link there! Some people use crystals for their ability to transmit or hold energy. A good example of how this used in science is quartz! Quartz is used in electronics such as watches, radios and mobile phones because it gives off a small electrical charge when under pressure. Crystals vibrate on a molecular level, these vibrations are called phonons. It’s really interesting to look at the links between science and spiritual beliefs. "

What is your favourite product you sell?

"Anything labradorite! Labradorite is a crystal for transformation and change… and it gets bonus points for being absolutely incredible to look at with the most beautiful display of flashy colours. I also love all of my handcrafted crystal jewellery! It’s how the business started and my heart will always be with the jewellery."

What advice would you give for someone who is just starting to learn about crystals and the different characteristics they hold?

"Pick up a copy of Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible! I got mine years ago and I still refer to it often! It’s such a fantastic book for quick info and there’s multiple volumes now!

Don’t feel like you have to follow a specific belief or path. I’ve made so many new friends through the interest of crystals and we all have different views! I have so many friends and customers that charge their crystals in the moon and use them in practice daily, but I also have friends and customers that collect them because they look pretty."

Last but not least, if we want to buy any of your beautiful products where can we?

"Online at (reopening after the pop up shop) or you can book an appointment to visit my shop at Unit 4 & 5 Fisher Street Galleries, 18 Fisher Street, Carlisle CA3 8RH"


That rounds up our chat with Korin. Don't forget that you can find Luna Amatores in our Lanes Pop Up for the next two weeks. Make sure that you pop on down and show your support!


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