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A chat with Manor Barn Organics

This week we caught up with Tracey, the founder of Manor Barn Organics. Manor Barn Organics recently hosted our Lane Pop Up Shop in Carlisle, so we thought this was a perfect time to get some top tips from Tracey.

Manor Barn Organics sell a range of aromatherapy and wellbeing products and have been popping up with us since summer last year.

Hi Tracey! So, first question,why did you decide to set up your business?

"My husband and I worked in the Middle East for three years and on our return we decided to relocate from London, where we had both worked, to Cumbria, where my husband is from. I had previously worked in Estate and Facilities management, and I decided to completely change direction and retrain as an aromatherapist. Unfortunately due to the first lock down, I was unable to see clients anymore and so decided to try my hand at product making, which led to Manor Barn Organics being where it is today!"

Have your products changed over time, if so, how come?

"I’m still a fledgling business trying out new things, trying to work out our target audience, where we fit and where our branding and style should go. As such, everything has the potential to change! I’m happy with the brand and range we have for sale at the moment, but am looking to dip my toe in and try a luxury range of products too"

What was your first ever event?

"Our first ever event was at Carlisle Cathedral in the summer of 2021 with The Maker’s March, at the monthly farmers market."

What are your thoughts about the high street currently?

"I’m so saddened by the way the high street looks, particularly in places like Carlisle where so many shops are closed and boarded up. Carlisle is such a gorgeous town! My hope is that this (the pop up shop) paves the way for the revival of intriguing little independent shops that interest the consumer and give them a reason to visit town centres again."

Did your opinion on the high street change after you hosted a pop up?

"I think more pop ups are needed for the reasons above! It gives small independent, crafters and makers an opportunity to be present on the high street, where they wouldn’t have been able to be before. Smaller start-ups are able to try a bricks and mortar shop out, before taking one on full time. Any scheme like this, I think, adds interest to high streets."

What made you want to host a pop up shop?

"Many of my crafting friends and colleagues have hosted the pop up shop in Carlisle and all have described a positive experience."

And did you enjoy it?

"I love hosting the pop up shop! It is a gloriously positive thing to do. I enjoy meeting customers face to face and it’s a wonderful way of getting direct feedback from customers about your products."

Final question Tracey! Any future plans or goals for 2022?

"I am definitely wanting to host the pop up shop again, and I am looking to host it for a longer period, say 4 weeks, in the summer. This year is all about trying new things for our business and exploring ideas for potential new growth."


We hope that you enjoyed reading about her business story and her experience within the pop up!

You can shop with Manor Barn Organics here: Manor Barn Organics

Stay tuned for our next chat!


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